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What are the main payment methods in B2B e-commerce?

An overview of the most popular B2B payment methods such as invoice payment, installment payments and direct debit for B2B webshops and B2B marketplaces.

B2B e-commerce is experiencing a continuous boom, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. This is prompting companies to increasingly offer their products and services online. In this highly competitive environment, it is crucial to offer customers a seamless shopping experience – and choosing the right B2B payment methods plays a key role in this. According to E-Commerce-Magazin, companies that offer popular payment methods in the checkout can significantly increase their sales. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions are particularly popular in the B2B sector, as they offer flexibility that shoppers also appreciate in the private sphere.

Particularities of the B2B payment landscape to consider

Payment processes in the B2B sector are more complex than in B2C, as transactions require more time for approval and settlement. Different responsibilities, higher invoice amounts and shopping carts as well as the diversity of business forms make B2B payment methods more challenging. B2B webshops have to deal with the identification and risk management of different business forms in order to offer purchase on account to all legal forms.

The integration of BNPL solutions for B2B webshops and marketplaces

Providing popular B2B payment methods such as BNPL increases buyer satisfaction and boosts the conversion rate and sales of B2B webshops and B2B marketplaces. Although 95% of B2B shoppers prefer to pay by invoice, only 45% of webshops offer this option (according to a study by ibi Research).

Payment methods graph

B2B payment methods at a glance

The most important B2B payment methods in e-commerce

Invoice payment

With invoice payment, the order is sent in advance and paid for at a later date. The invoice, which contains the invoice amount and the specified payment deadline, is sent to the buyer by email or post. However, this method carries the risk of payment delays or defaults, which is why a company either needs robust risk management or can pass on these risks. The advantage lies in the financial flexibility for buyers: They have the flexibility to pay the invoices within the specified period, which allows a certain degree of financial flexibility.

SEPA direct debit

The direct debit procedure allows customers to purchase products and pay at a later date. They enter their bank details during checkout and give the company permission for a one-off or regular direct debit. A significant advantage is that the risk of missed payment deadlines is minimized: The invoice amount is always collected from the buyer’s specified account on the agreed payment date, ensuring reliable and punctual payment.


With installment payments, customers receive their order in advance and then pay the invoice amount in predetermined installments and time intervals. The advantage lies in the uncomplicated financial planning for buyers: they can pay the invoice amount over a longer period of time in smaller, predetermined amounts, which allows for more flexible budgeting.

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Other payment methods

Credit card

The use of a credit card enables companies to make purchases within a predefined credit limit. Payment is authorized by entering a PIN. At the end of the month, the company receives a credit card statement that must be paid.


With prepayments, the company pays for the order immediately and the amount is debited from the account within a few days. At this time, the account must have sufficient funds to cover the purchase amount.


Buyers have the option of paying via the PayPal online payment system using their customer account, which is linked to a credit card or bank account. The payment is processed via PayPal and the amount is debited within a few days. PayPal guarantees security for both sides.

Mondu: A solution for B2B payment methods

Mondus BNPL solutions make it easy to take the complexity out of B2B payments. Enjoy easy integration with a big impact on the success of your online business. In addition to the most popular payment methods, Mondu also takes care of accounts receivable management for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Mondu payment screen


The selection and integration of suitable B2B payment methods in e-commerce is crucial for the success of webshops and marketplaces. Flexibility and variety are key to meeting different requirements and ultimately increasing sales.

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