Accounts Receivable Management – What is it and how does it work?

Accounts receivable management encompasses a variety of tasks related to invoice payment and helps companies maintain liquidity. Read how Mondu can help.

New Product Release: Mondu Announces SEPA Direct Debit for B2B E-commerce

For online merchants, providing a smooth payment process in the checkout is key to successfully completing a purchase. A checkout that’s simple and secure significantly reduces the risk of purchase abandonment.

Monetizing B2B Marketplaces: Key factors to increase the revenue of your platform

Today’s consumers not only start their buying journey online, they expect to be able to complete it there as well. In fact, online shopping has grown even more than originally expected — U.S. e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $1 trillion for the first time in 2022.

Take the Pain out of Paying – How Buy Now, Pay Later Increases Sales in B2B Webshops

Whereas B2C web shops offer flexible payment options to simplify the payment process for buyers, the B2B sector is in an urgent need to catch up and offer better user experience and flexible payment methods.

Opportunities and Risks for B2B Marketplaces as a result of Digitalization

B2B Marketplaces are on the rise around the world, offering many opportunities as well as risks for businesses.

Mondu expands into Austria

Following its successful Series A round, Mondu is bringing its Buy Now, Pay Later solution for B2B e-commerce to Austria.

Factoring Explained: How to improve the cash flow of your business

B2B businesses often struggle with cash flow, but invoice factoring offers a solution that helps them stay on track

Mondu secures $43 million Series A round to help fuel product development and international expansion

We’re thrilled to announce an important milestone in Mondu’s history: our $43 million Series A round.

Life at Mondu: our principles are our way of life

Mondu was founded in August 2021, exited stealth mode and announced a $14 million seed funding in October, launched in April 2022, and reached 100 team members in May.