A simple, risk-free way to offer a Digital Trade Account

Drive purchase frequency and buyer spend by offering customers purchasing power and a simplified shopping experience with utmost convenience.

What is a Digital Trade Account?

A digital trade account is a payment solution that enables merchants to offer tailored purchasing power to their customers, allowing them to make multiple purchases over time and defer payment within a predetermined period.

Win new customers and drive buyer spend without risk or hassle

Easy customer acquisition

Onboard new customers instantly without risk with Mondu’s real-time credit checks. Our advanced risk engine approves >91% of customers.

Evolving purchasing power

Grant purchasing power to new and existing customers based on Mondu’s robust credit risk checks. Reward and incentivize customers with customized purchasing power according to repayment performance.

Fast payouts,

Get paid immediately after each order ensuring a steady cash flow regardless of when your customers pay.  Protect yourself from payment defaults and reduce workload with full support in payment collection and dunning.

Flexible payments setup 

Set payment cycles and terms that 
fit your customers’ purchasing patterns and your business needs. 
Choose the period to close each statement – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – and select net terms like 5, 15, or 30 days.

The purchasing experience that keeps your customers coming back

Convenient shopping

Convenient Shopping

Multiple orders within the assigned purchasing power, consolidated into one statement

Better Payment Terms

One simple payment at the end of each period, with net terms at no additional costs

Full Visibility

Tracking of purchasing power usage available through Mondu’s Buyer Portal

Operational efficiency

Operational Efficiency 

Lower administrative burden and fewer accounts payable mistakes

Instant onboarding of new customers

Credit check
Step 01
Step 02
 Purchasing power assigned
Step 03
Start ordering
Step 04