Mondu BNPL for B2B

Invoice Factoring for digital platforms and marketplaces

Enable your B2B users to get paid faster by factoring their invoices at point of invoice creation. 

What is Embedded Invoice Factoring?

Embedded Invoice Factoring is an integrated solution enabling your users to receive upfront payment upon creating an invoice directly within your platform: on demand, without a fixed commitment and with a real-time response.

Take your platform to the next level

Whether you are an accounting software provider, procurement platform or a marketplace, Embedded Invoice Factoring offers great benefits for you and for your users.

For you

Incremental revenue

Mondu shares part of the applicable fees with you.

New customers

Drive customer acquisition with a more comprehensive invoicing solution.  

Customer retention

Build long term loyalty by supporting your users’ working capital needs. 

For your platform users

Improved cash flow

Upfront cash-in, regardless of when buyers pay.

No risk

Protection from payment default as Mondu takes on the risk.

Less hassle

Factoring at the point of invoice creation and zero effort in collections. 

How it works

How it works - Create new invoice

Seller creates an invoice on your platform and selects “Get paid now” with Mondu”

How it works - Success

Mondu runs a risk assessment and approves the invoice in real-time 

How it works - Send new invoice

Approved invoices are modified before being sent out to the buyer

How it works - Early cash-in

Mondu pays out the seller in a few days, minus a one-off fee 

How it works - After 30 days

Buyer makes payment to Mondu in line with the original invoice terms

Consumo Logo

“Mondu is the perfect partner for Cosuno. As a procurement marketplace for construction services, having invoice factoring functionality directly on our platform is a huge benefit for subcontractors.”

Christopher Berner
Christoph Berner
, CEO, Cosuno