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Win-win-win Relationships

Our goal is to create mutually beneficial strategic alignments between your business, your customers and Mondu.

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Tap into the future of B2B payments and E-Commerce

B2C vs B2B

Global payment market size

B2B Payments and e-commerce markets are booming globally, and it’s only just the beginning.

Help your B2B customers win a bigger slice of the e-commerce pie by adding seamless B2B payments solutions to their checkout.

B2B payments market transformation drivers

  • Emergence of more instant payment methods
  • Development of open banking
  • Widespread adoption of financial software


There is a growing need for supply chain finance among businesses, but the financing options available are limited. Businesses are seeking a more convenient payment process as well as a simplified, automated one.

How to become a Mondu partner?

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Whether you are a payment / technology provider, digital agency or a strategy consultant, reach out to our partnership team to discover opportunities for collaboration.


Agree on an arrangement that fits your business, and start working with Mondu to innovate B2B eCommerce and payments.

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Our partnership can take form in many ways. Whether it’s direct 1-to-1 referrals, co-branded materials or joint events, you’ll see the benefits from it.

Mondu’s Buy Now Pay Later for B2B provides a modern, hassle-free solution that grows revenues.

Merchants are protected from default risk

Real-time credit check with high approval rates

Dunning and Collection managed by Mondu

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