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SEPA: Another Buy Now, Pay Later Method for B2B Online Shops

For online merchants, providing a smooth payment process in the checkout is key to successfully completing a purchase. A checkout that’s simple and secure significantly reduces the risk of purchase abandonment. Additionally, payment flexibility is playing an increasingly important role – buyers want a flexible choice of payment methods that meets their individual needs.

That’s why at Mondu we develop modern payment methods that improve the checkout experience for buyers in your B2B webshop. After invoice payment for online stores (which 95% of all buyers want but only 45% of all merchants offer), we’re happy to announce the newest payment method from Mondu: SEPA direct debit.

SEPA: Another Buy Now, Pay Later Method for B2B Online Shops

SEPA direct debit is one of the most popular payment methods in the DACH region, as it’s considered to be incredibly secure and uncomplicated. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly important in B2B e-commerce. Purchasing via direct debit offers many advantages to both merchants and buyers:

  • High conversion rate: SEPA is a popular payment method that allows your customers to easily buy now and pay later via direct debit. 
  • No fees: Mondu’s direct debit purchase option allows for a smooth checkout process with no additional fees for buyers.
  • Strong customer loyalty: Modern payment methods help you meet your buyers’ needs and increase satisfaction.
  • Expanded customer base: With Mondu’s direct debit process, you can securely and seamlessly sell to existing customers and new customers alike.
  • Low risk: Mondu assumes the risk of default for you. If there are problems with collection, we’ll take care of it and you’ll receive your money no matter what.

Seamlessly Integrate SEPA Direct Debit into your Online Shop

It’s never been easier to provide business buyers with a fast, secure, and smooth payment option by adding Mondu’s SEPA direct debit to your online store checkout. Depending on your requirements, we provide flexible implementation options including hosted checkout, API integration, and e-commerce platform extensions. No matter your setup, Mondu’s B2B checkout adapts to you. If you’ve already integrated Mondu into your online store, you can easily benefit from offering SEPA direct debit as an additional payment option for your buyers in your checkout.

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Head of Product Marketing and Content

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