Offer your business customers their favorite payment methods when buying online.

Buy Now, Pay Later for Online B2B Checkout

Increase your revenue with Mondu’s solution, without the operational burden.

Works for you and your customers

Grow your business and increase the revenue in your B2B webshop – while giving your customers the cashflow flexibility that they desire.​

+ 40%

Conversion Rate

+ 60%

Shopping Cart Size


Acceptance Rate

Beyond revenues

Offering net terms to your online customers will not only increase your current sales, but will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which translates to repeat purchases and future growth.

No pain

No risk

Protect yourself from payment default by working with Mondu.

No delay

Our scoring algorithm takes over the credit check in seconds.

No bureaucracy

Mondu supports Merchants with their payment allocation and makes dunning easier.

Yes gain

High acceptance rate

Enable up to 90% of your customers to pay with flexible payment terms.

Variety of payment methods

B2B payment methods are diverse - we support all most popular B2B payment methods.

Fast payouts

We pay you as soon as the products are shipped or the service has been performed.

Developed for B2B merchants and B2B marketplaces

Quick and easy integration

Flexible setup

From hosted checkouts to API integration or e-commerce extensions, we adapt to you and your set-up.

E-commerce plugin

Seamless integration with your e-commerce platform or the shop system of your choice.

Got questions?
Our team is here to help.

We handle the payments, you focus on the business.

Unleash your growth potential with
Mondu’s buy-now-pay-later solution in your checkout

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