Turn payments into your B2B sales growth engine

Win new business and drive sales sky-high by offering flexible payment methods that exceed buyer expectations.

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Online Checkout

Boost your conversion rate with the best payment options for your buyers.

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Provide flexible payment options and unlock new revenue streams.

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Mondu for

Multichannel Sales

Close offline deals faster with real-time credit checks and approval. 

Create a new order screen

Grow Faster.
Risk Free.
Without the headache.

Drive revenue

Drive revenue

Increase conversion rate, purchase frequency and basket sizes.

Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow

Get paid upfront, regardless of when your customers pay.

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate risk

Protect yourself from payment default as Mondu takes on the risk.

Simplify operations

Simplify operations

Reduce workload with automated credit checks and full support in collections.

Proudly recognized by CB Insights in the B2B BNPL category

Fintech 100

The ultimate payment flexibility for your B2B buyers

Invoice payment

Offer customers their favorite payment method with flexible terms.

Digital Trade Account

Let customers consolidate their recurring purchases into one statement and pay it later.


Let customers split large purchases into 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments.

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“Mondu is a flexible solution that makes sure not just to provide a payment solution, but one that pays off for you as a business opportunity.”

Martin Schwager
, COO, notebooksbilliger.de
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“We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering the best online experiences for our customers. Using Mondu was a no-brainer for us. It’s simple to use and fits well amongst our other payment methods and is available across our core European markets”

Danny Williams
Danny Williams
, Managing Director of PCSpecialist
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“With the addition of Mondu as a payment method for our business customers, we offer the ability to pay later on account and the possibility to pay in installments. This strongly increases our service level towards the business customer and provides revenue opportunities that were not present until recently. In short, a valuable addition to our shop!”

Mark Veldman, Owner, GorillaGrip
Mark Veldman
, GorillaGrip

“With Mondu, we have found a solution for invoice purchasing that reduces our operational effort and conserves our working capital”.

Martin Kellert
, Tiger Facility Services

“Choosing Mondu was a no-brainer. Vendors can simply opt-in for the solution and immediately offer net terms to their buyers.”

André Klein
André Klein
, CEO Chefslist

“As we saw the strong adoption of Mondu in our webshop, we couldn’t wait for a similar solution that can be used when processing orders we generate from trade fair or showroom interactions.“

Julian La Fontaine
Julian La Fontaine
, Ionto Comed

Mondu is committed to robust information security practices. 

We handle our partners, customers and their customers’ data with utmost care and security, and hold ISO/IEC 27001 certification. 

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