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Mondu announces the new Digital Trade Account

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest payment solution – Digital Trade Account – now available to B2B merchants and marketplaces across Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Digital Trade Account provides a simple and risk-free way for B2B merchants and marketplaces to offer trade accounts to their business customers. The solution enables merchants to grant tailored purchasing power to customers, allowing them to conveniently conduct multiple purchases during a pre-set period.  

Instead of paying for each individual order and juggling multiple invoices, all the orders are consolidated into one statement that is paid at the end of the period with net terms. Business customers are empowered to buy more without the accounts payable operational burden, while merchants enjoy fast payouts by Mondu after each order. Mondu also provides comprehensive protection from payment default and full support in payment collection and dunning.

Offering a trade account is especially relevant in verticals where replenishing stocks happens frequently, such as Car Parts, Food & Beverage, Construction Materials, and Office Supply.

Mondu Digital Trade Account workflow

A win-win for merchants and their business customers

Digital Trade Account makes it easy for merchants to acquire new customers with instant, risk-free onboarding supported by Mondu’s real-time credit checks. By granting new and existing customers individual purchasing power, merchants can drive higher purchase frequency and larger order sizes. The solution also lets merchants reward and incentivize customers with customized  purchasing power according to repayment performance.

Merchants can set payment cycles and terms that fit their customers’ purchasing patterns and business needs by choosing the period to close each statement – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – and select net terms like 5, 15, or 30 days. 

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