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Publicis partners with Mondu

Celebrating another fantastic partnership!

We’re excited to announce our recent collaboration with Publicis Groupe Germany, a leading advertising and public relations company. Publicis’ customers now have direct access to Mondu’s innovative payment solutions, offering flexible alternatives to traditional payment methods that can sometimes impede business growth.

Commenting on the partnership, Mondu co-CEO Malte Huffmann said: 

“With our help, manufacturers, wholesalers and sellers on B2B marketplaces can offer their customers the most popular payment methods in B2B, namely purchase on account via bank transfer, SEPA direct debit and installment purchase. This means you can increase your conversion rate by around 40 percent. Additionally, according to our data, average shopping carts are growing by 60 percent”.

Christoph Pietsch, Chief Growth Officer of Publicis Groupe Germany, added:

“Mondu is certainly one of the most exciting fintech start-ups in Germany, and Malte is one of the best-known digital entrepreneurs with an impressive career. The B2B industry has waited long enough for flexible payment solutions modeled on Klarna from the end customer business.”

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