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We’re thrilled to share our recent partnership with Spryker, a leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Thing Commerce.

Mondu is now available as a payment partner through Spryker’s platform-as-a-service solution, empowering Spryker’s clients to provide flexible payment solutions to their B2B buyers that increase online sales and revenue.

Spryker enables companies to create the best commerce experiences, connecting them with hundreds of API-based modules that allow them to create the perfect website for their clients. Mondu is available via Spryker’s API modules with customers able to choose from a range of Buy Now, Pay Later options including payment upon invoice, SEPA direct debit, and installments.

Commenting on the partnership, Matthias Letzelter, Head of Partnerships at Mondu, said: 

“We see our partnership with Spryker as an ideal fit for us at Mondu, due to our shared mission to help other businesses focus on growth. We both support B2B companies in scaling their online sales through the best online experience for their customers. Spryker has built a great platform to create a wonderful ecommerce journey, and with Mondu that journey continues with the best payment experience. Combined, we can help businesses supercharge their sales, increase revenue, improve cash flow and operational efficiency.” 

Manishi Singh, SVP App Composition Platform at Spryker, added:

“We are thrilled to welcome Mondu to the Spryker partner ecosystem. Our shared vision of efficient innovation will enable businesses to improve their customer experience while maintaining the flexibility needed to adapt to changing customer needs. By joining together Mondu’s seamless payment solutions and Spryker’s best-of-breed composable commerce approach, enterprise customers can anticipate an unparalleled purchasing experience. This partnership highlights our commitment to creating an expansive community of partners to provide enterprises with the tools and support they need to accomplish their current and future business goals.”

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