Less work, more revenue: Shirtracer turns to Mondu’s BNPL solutions for B2B trade purchases

How Shirtracer simplifies invoice purchasing for bulk orders with Mondu as a BNPL partner, while minimising operational work and risk for their business.

According to Kevin Marschall, Shirtracer's CEO, the choice of Mondu as a provider was exactly the right one: "We're happy to have chosen Mondu – we feel right at home."

Kevin Marschall, Shirtracer's CEO


effort for payment


less effort
for A/R operations


less time for dunning
and collections

Meet Shirtracer

Shirtracer was founded in 2008 by Kevin Marschall. What began as a modest business has developed into a company with a team of almost 30 people. Today, customers can easily design and order T-shirts with personalised motifs online in both single and wholesale quantities. In addition to providing high-quality T-shirts with unique prints and fast shipping, Shirtracer is always focused on finding new ways to improve the customer experience.

The initial situation

Shirtracer decided to accept individual orders from private individuals and large orders from companies in order to serve as many clients as possible. In both cases, customers were able to pay by invoice. However, Shirtracer encountered an issue, particularly with larger orders with a high purchase value. They had to take on the risk of payment defaults and spend hours on invoicing and dunning.

The solution

Shirtracer needed a solution that would enable their B2B buyers to purchase on account in their online shop without having to bear the operational effort and risk themselves. With Mondu, they found a partner that met their requirements and aligned with their corporate values.

Shirtracer employees appreciated the friendly and transparent contact from Mondu’s Customer Success team during the integration process. They were kept up to date with procedures and technical operations and always informed about the current status. After only a short time, Mondu's BNPL solution was integrated with Shirtracer's checkout and ready for use.

Results after 5 months

The highlight: Shirtracer executives no longer have to worry about their payments because Mondu pays the company after each transaction and assumes the risk of non-payment.

Since integrating Mondu’s BNPL solution, Shirtracer has been able to reduce the time spent on accounts management by 10% in only five months. The company no longer needs to worry about dunning and payment collection, which saves the finance team hours of effort and hassle.

Basket sizes are also often larger as Mondu’s BNPL solutions give customers increased buying power. In addition, Shirtracer has seen an increase in customers using Mondu and expects usage to keep rising, helping the company significantly increase sales over time.

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Mondu is changing the B2B payments ecosystem.

Mondu’s Buy Now, Pay Later solution simplifies business-to-business payments and enables any B2B company to grow quickly and safely. With Mondu, merchants, and marketplaces can offer their business customers the most popular B2B payment methods and flexible payment terms across sales channels, from online checkouts to field and telesales. Mondu’s BNPL products include invoice payments, installments, and digital trade account.

Companies that work with Mondu can increase sales by offering the best payment terms to their buyers and enjoy a stable and predictable cash flow thanks to upfront payments. They are also protected from default risk and save the hassle of collections and dunning, enabling them to focus on their core business and scale faster.

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