Installment payments: Close bigger deals, faster

Empower your trade customers to buy more with confidence by letting them pay over 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments. Get paid upfront in full with no risk.

What are installment payments?

Mondu Installments make large purchases easier for your trade customers. You get paid upfront with no risk, while your customers can better manage their business cash flow by spreading their payment over 3, 6 or 12 months.

A win-win payment solution for you and your trade buyers

Convert larger orders

Increase conversion rates for large orders by letting your trade customers buy what they need and pay with business-friendly payment terms. No lengthy applications. Instant approvals, as it should be.

Boost cash flow

Attract more new customers and increase average order value to keep cash flowing in. Get the total purchase amount upfront with no delay in settlement.

Reduce workload

Rest easy while Mondu takes care of credit checks, fraud prevention and payment collection. We do the heavy lifting and take on all the default risk so you can focus on growing your business.

Drive loyalty

Deliver a fast and convenient buying experience that keeps customers coming back. Customer approval is instant with no time-consuming identity checks, paperwork or re-directs.

Get started with installments

Get setup in no time. Mondu Installments is now available across all your sales channels, so you can close bigger deals faster, wherever you’re selling: online, telesales or field sales.

Getting started with installments

“With the addition of Mondu as a payment method for our business customers, we offer the ability to pay later on account and the possibility to pay in installments. This strongly increases our service level towards the business customer and provides revenue opportunities that were not present until recently. In short, a valuable addition to our shop!”

Mark Veldman
, GorillaGrip