Easy integration that powers up your B2B checkout

With Mondu’s seamless integration you can elevate your B2B online store and benefit from high acceptance rates and a checkout experience that sets you apart from competition.

Integrations and plugins

Tailored integration options

We understand how critical a smooth and efficient checkout process is for your B2B operations. That’s why we’ve created a range of integration options to suit your business needs, ensuring flexibility, convenience, and security for a superior shopping experience.

Direct API Integration

 Easily integrate Mondu into your B2B online store using our RESTful API, providing you with complete customization options and seamless integration with your existing systems.

E-Commerce Plugins

For users of standard platforms like WooCommerce, Shopware, or Magento, Mondu provides ready-made plugins for effortless integration. These plugins ensure Mondu fits perfectly with your technical setup, enhancing your checkout process without extensive development efforts.

Payment Service Provider (PSP) Integration

Leverage Mondu through your current PSP with minimal integration effort. This streamlined process allows you to swiftly add Mondu into your checkout, via your existing PSP setup.

No technical integration for offline sales

Offer flexible payment terms in telesales, by email or on-site with our Order Creator, which is available on any device and supports multiple languages.

“The easiest payment provider integration we’ve ever had”

Joachim Ludwig, Managing Director Trotec GmbH