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Let’s join forces to help B2B commerce take off. Become a partner and make deferred payment options a growth engine for your customers.

Why partner with us?
There's BNPL, and then there's Mondu.

Buy Now Pay Later becomes a pivotal tool in B2B commerce and helps create an exceptional checkout experience online and offline to millions of business customers. With its cutting-edge technology and highest security standards, Mondu is your ideal partner.

For you

Unlock B2B commerce

With a market size x5 larger than B2C, where >50% of sales will be online by 2025, it is crucial to offer B2B preferred payment methods in order to be competitive.

Incremental revenue

Mondu has a variety of reward mechanisms based on the partnership type.

Customer acquisition and retention

Win new customers and build long term loyalty by offering a more comprehensive B2B commerce solution / service.

For your clients

More sales

With Mondu your customers can offer net terms, instalments and digital trade accounts to their business buyers, thus increasing their purchasing power and promoting more sales.

Stable cash flow

With upfront payments, your customers can better plan and sustain their operations.

No risk, no hassle

Your clients are protected from payment default as Mondu takes on the risk, as well as handles payment collection.

Make deferred payment options a B2B growth engine for your customers

Find the perfect match: your partnership options

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Technology partners

Integrate Mondu into your system and let your business customers benefit from our deferred payment solutions.

Ideal for:

  • B2B e-commerce shopsystems
  • Payment Service Providers (PSPs)
  • ISVs & AP/AR Platforms
Implementation & Consulting partners

Implementation & Consulting partners

Recommend Mondu to your existing B2B customers (merchants and marketplaces) and access exclusive rewards.

Ideal for:

  • Digital agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Trade associations

Welcome platform partners!

With Mondu you can enhance your core value proposition and drive user acquisition and retention. Offer better payment terms for AP and AR at the point of need and monetize thanks to our revenue-share model.

Consuno logo

“Mondu is the perfect partner for Cosuno. As a procurement marketplace for construction services, having invoice factoring functionality directly on our platform is a huge benefit for subcontractors.”

Christoph Berner
, CEO, Cosuno
Acquired logo

“Mondu’s products and services complement our payment offerings. We can clearly see an incredible value for our business customers looking to introduce a Buy Now, Pay Later service to their B2B clients using Mondu.”

Mark Johnson
, Commercial Director,
Mangopay logo

“Our collaboration with Mondu further strengthens our proposition for B2B marketplaces and platforms, by offering more flexibility and easy access to popular payment methods such as Buy Now, Pay Later.”

Luke Trayfoot
, Chief Revenue Officer, Mangopay