About Mondu

Mondu is a Berlin-based Fintech company in the B2B payments space that simplifies the financial lives of SMEs so they can focus on business. Mondu’s Buy Now, Pay Later solution for B2B helps merchants and marketplaces improve conversion rates and protect themselves against default risk, while alleviating the operational burden of collection and dunning. Business buyers benefit from payment flexibility that improves cash flow, allowing for better day-to-day business management.

Mondu’s checkout solution enables manufacturers, wholesalers, and B2B marketplaces to increase conversion rates by approximately 40% and average basket size by up to 60%. We guarantee fast payouts, help protect you from payment default, and support you with payment allocation to make dunning easier.

In Germany, 95% of businesses want to use deferred payment methods when shopping online. However, only 84% of B2B online stores offer at least one deferred payment option in the checkout and just 45% offer deferred payment to all types of customers, new and existing.

For merchants, offering net terms increases revenues through higher acceptance rates, conversion, and basket size. Buyers, meanwhile, are able to keep better track of cash flow, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: doing business.

Mondu’s high approval rates make it unique. Additionally, it’s able to authenticate all types of business buyers – our risk scoring algorithms run in the background and credit approval decisions are taken within 0.2 seconds. Mondu approves up to 90% of customers in the checkout (including new customers) and offers basket sizes up to €30,000.


Buying with the Mondu payment method is easy because you can pay with preferred payment methods like invoice (Rechnungskauf) and direct debit (Lastschrift), while also having flexibility with regards to payment terms.

Our approval rate is roughly 90% (in line with B2C rates) and, in some cases, Mondu can guarantee approval rates by contracts. We believe that businesses deserve the same payment experience as consumers, which is why we’re committed to delivering an unrivaled value proposition to business buyers in merchant and marketplace checkouts.

Keeping your data safe and secure is of the utmost importance to us – check out our full data protection policy for more information.

Mondu for Merchants

Yep! Mondu supports businesses including sole traders, limited liability companies, freelancers, and public institutions.

Mondu’s B2B checkout integrates seamlessly via API or widget. From hosted checkout to API integration to e-commerce extensions, we adapt to you and your setup.

We currently support Magento, and are busy adding more systems including WooCommerce, Shopware, and JTL. No matter which shop system you use, we’ll support you every step of the way!

No, Mondu will bear the default risk and guarantee payouts to you.

The decision to charge interest to customers (i.e. business buyers) is determined by the merchant or marketplace and Mondu. As a general rule, business buyers won’t pay interest on net terms up to 30 days.

Yes, you still will issue an invoice that the customer will receive from your web shop. The process is the same as before, with the exception that the payment details will be different – Mondu will provide you with a single IBAN for all purchases in your web shop which you simply insert in the payment details.

Mondu for Buyers

You’ve chosen Mondu as the payment method for your business purchase, therefore we’re contacting you to share information relevant to your purchase.

Once we've received the invoice information from the merchant, we’ll send you an email with the due date and payment details. Keep in mind that payments are made to Mondu (rather than the merchant) so be sure that transfers are made to the IBAN number given and that you include a reference number. You can also find your payment details and other information relevant to your order in the invoice you received from the merchant.

Of course! You’ll receive confirmation as soon as the payment is received (this usually takes 1-3 days when using bank transfer).

We will automatically refund the difference to your bank account – you don’t need to do anything on your end! If you haven’t received your transfer within two weeks, please contact our support team at zahlungen@mondu.ai and we’ll gladly help you.

On the first day after your due date, we will send you a friendly reminder, which will include all details regarding your payment. In order to avoid dunning fees, we ask that you submit the outstanding payment as soon as possible.

Be sure to double-check the recipient, IBAN, and reference number for your transaction – if all details are correct, you should have received confirmation within three days of the payment. If this isn’t the case, contact our support team at zahlungen@mondu.ai.

If you return a product before payment is submitted, your invoice will be reduced accordingly and you’ll receive an overview of the adjusted payment amount. If you’ve already submitted payment for a product, please reach out to the merchant directly to arrange a refund.