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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our BNPL solutions in the Netherlands. The launch builds upon the successful rollout of our first BNPL pay-per invoice and split payments solution in Germany and our recent entry into the Austrian market.

The Netherlands was a natural next step for us in our European expansion plans. SMEs are digitising rapidly throughout the country and the number of B2B online shops continues to grow yearly. The number of business buyers purchasing through B2B online shops is also rising.

Just under 50% of B2B orders in the Netherlands occurred online in 2020. This year, B2B e-commerce revenue from physical goods alone will hit approximately $38 billion. By 2025, revenues are expected to grow to $54.5 billion.

Driving growth by meeting B2B buyer expectations

The Netherlands has a well-established B2C e-commerce market. Consumers are familiar with online shopping and have become accustomed to the fast, frictionless and convenient payment experiences offered by B2C online shops. These buyers also now increasingly expect the same experiences in a business context.

From today, B2B merchants and marketplaces in the Netherlands can partner with Mondu to provide unrivaled payment flexibility at the checkout. With invoice purchasing and SEPA direct debit, Mondu delivers the most popular payment methods for B2B buyers with flexible terms of 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. Mondu assumes the risk of payment delays and defaults and pays vendors immediately after orders are shipped. Buyers pay later and Mondu supports collection and dunning in case of delayed payments.

With Mondu’s split payment solution, e-commerce merchants can let customers divide their purchases into six equal interest-free payments. Merchants get paid upfront and don’t have to take on any risk.

BNPL without risk and effort

Mondu’s BNPL solutions help B2B businesses increase conversion rates and loyalty by allowing buyers to experience a fast and frictionless B2C-like payment experience with flexible terms. B2B businesses can also better manage their cash flow, minimise operational workload, and effortlessly expand their operations by selling cross-border to buyers in Germany and Austria without risk. German and Austrian businesses can also start selling to customers in the Netherlands.

Mondu’s proprietary risk engine checks creditworthiness in seconds to provide instant approval. Mondu also relieves B2B businesses of time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks by taking over the collection and dunning process. After a transaction occurs, Mondu takes care of communications with buyers, notifying them by email about upcoming payment deadlines and sending reminders in case of delayed payments.

Get started today

The B2B e-commerce market in the Netherlands is fast-growing and dynamic. With increasing buyer expectations and competition on the rise, it’s never been more important for merchants and marketplaces to provide buyers with a convenient, flexible and frictionless checkout experience.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at sales@mondu.ai or book a demo.

Head of Product Marketing and Content

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