Payables Extension for digital platforms and marketplaces

Enable your business users to defer payments to suppliers by offering flexible terms for incoming invoices.

What is Payables Extension?

Payables Extension integrates seamlessly with your platform, enabling business users to improve their cash flow by postponing payments for incoming invoices managed on your platform: on demand and with real-time approvals.

Expand from managing invoices to optimizing cash flows

Whether you are an accounting or liquidity management platform, expense management provider, SaaS procurement solution or a marketplace: Payables Extension offers great benefits for you and your users.

For you

Scalable revenue stream

Mondu shares part of the applicable user fees, allowing you to monetize the invoice volume managed on your platform – without risk or overhead.

User adoption

By providing payables extension at the point where it is most needed, you enhance your core value proposition to drive user acquisition.

User engagement

The expanded proposition encourages users to deepen engagement which reduces churn and feeds the scalable revenue stream.

For your platform users

Enhanced liquidity

Users can seamlessly improve their working capital by deferring due payments or splitting them into up to 12 installments.

Flexible usage

Users can select the option for single invoices without a minimum commitment – and only pay a service fee for processed invoices.

Smooth reconciliation

Mondu ensures invoices are paid on time, so users don’t need to worry about them anymore and only repay Mondu later.

How it works

Payables Extension How it works image 1

User processes an incoming invoice on your platform and clicks the ‘Pay later’ button to launch the Mondu widget

How it works - Image 2 Payables Extension

In the widget flow, the user selects their preferred terms to repay Mondu - 30, 45, 60 days or 3, 6, 12 monthly installments

How it works - Image 3 Payables Extension

Retrieving the data from the invoice via API, Mondu performs a risk check and approves the request in real-time

How it works - Image 4 Payables Extension

The supplier gets paid on time whereby the invoice reference number is used to ensure proper reconciliation on the supplier side

How it works - Image 5 Payables Extension

The user repays Mondu the invoice amount according to the selected terms, plus the applicable service fee