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Mondus new brand

Today I have the pleasure of unveiling our new brand identity, the culmination of a lot of hard work, passion and focus by Mondu’s Marketing team. 

It’s been a little over a year since Mondu was founded, but we have achieved so much as a company. Growing to 140+ Monduneers, launching two products across three markets and helping thousands of companies pay better and grow their business – these are just a few achievements that couldn’t have happened without Mondu’s spirit and principles, such as: Think big and never settle, bias for action, and deliver WOW.

It was clear we need a brand that would reflect not only what we do, but how we do it:

  • We are changing the B2B payments ecosystem by providing payment solutions that enable any B2B company to grow quickly and safely. Buy Now Pay Later is just the beginning. 
  • We are bringing B2B payments up to par with B2C payments, putting the people behind the business in the heart of the payment flow and ensuring they have a seamless,  state-of-the-art experience – whether they are sellers or buyers. 
  • We are turning B2B payments from a friction point to a business enabler.
  • We are 
Creating new business-to-business moments

Our new look 

Our new visual identity brings this promise to life and is made of a few key components: logo, colors, graphics and images.


We kept the O at the heart of the new logo like the previous one, but we wanted to give it greater depth and meaning. The Mondu Needle in the middle is an amalgamation of several elements: the arrow and compass needle provide direction and signal growth, while the credit card and ancient coin tie the brand to the space we operate in – payments and finance.

The bottom part is solid, exhibiting stability, while the d is slanted upwards, continuing the Needle’s growth momentum. 

Color palette 

Our primary colors are two variations of purple, a color associated with wisdom and ambition, traits that match our brand character. The light shade, Iris, is more digital, working well for the eCommerce world and the younger generation within our target audience. The darker shade, Deep Blurple – is a combination of dark blue and purple – which conveys trust and works well in the tech space, replacing the over-used blue among tech companies. The secondary colors bring energy, optimism and growth, matching our brand character and value proposition. 

Graphics and Images 

The idea behind our graphics was to create a visual representation of bringing buyers and sellers together by using the Mondu Needle.

We then took this one step further, envisioning companies of different sizes, types and structures coming together. We created more visual variations, maintaining the same angle as in the Needle to represent growth.

Mondu brand shapes

Lastly, images. From the early stages of our brand exploration, we recognized how much the human element was lacking in B2B. It may be Business-to-Business, but ultimately it’s People-to-People; there are people behind every business and every deal. In recognition of this, we decided to emphasize people in our brand.

Mondu brand images

What’s next for us? 

We deliver more products that enable companies of any size to offer the best payment solutions to their business clients on every sales channel – online or offline. 

What’s next for you? 

Grow Now. Pay Better.

The team behind our rebranding:

  • Design:
    • RNGS branding, strategy and design agency: Reuben Roche, Amir Orbach, Vadim Yashin, Maor Fischer, Tom Zieger
    • Our very own Jamile Faller, Nourhene Belhajali, Indhuja Kesavan
  • Strategy: Na’ama Sheba; Han Rabinovitz (RNGS)
  • Content: Michal Lasman, Na’ama Sheba, Yvonne Acker
  • Development: Tristan Boyd
  • Project lead strategy and design phases:  Michal Rozenfeld (RNGS)
  • Project lead implementation phase: Michal Lasman (website), Jamile Faller (offline assets)
Chief Marketing Officer

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